Invest in Neighborhoods


  • The Office of Economic & Workforce Development developed services to assist the City’s small business and commercial districts.
  • Invest in Neighborhoods is part of Mayor Lee’s 17-point plan for jobs and economic growth in San Francisco.
  • Its mission is to strengthen and revitalize neighborhood commercial districts.
  • Its vision sees SF’s neighborhood commercial districts as being economically thriving, safe, resilient, and sustainable to meet the needs of local residents.
  • The program aims to strengthen existing businesses, improve neighborhood conditions, improve the quality of live, and increase community capacity.
    • It works with the community and other City Departments to respond to the needs and opportunities of each district.

North Beach

Neighborhood’s Motto:north beach map

 “We are determined to keep North Beach
chain-free in order to keep the character of our neighborhood”

Community Advocate


  • North Beach is one of the City’s signature neighborhood commercial districts.
  • Locals as well as tourists frequent the businesses of Columbus Avenue, Grant Avenue and around Washington Square.
  • San Francisco’s “Little Italy” is crowded with Italian restaurants, cafes, specialty food shops, and one of the only Italian pottery stores outside of Italy.
  • Local clothing, craft, and artisan shops dining and entertainment populate the neighborhood
  • City Lights Bookstore and Vesuvio Café are landmarks of the neighborhood’s historic reputation as a center of Beat Generation culture in the middle part of the 20th century.




North Beach is a thriving commercial district with distinct character and a diverse mix of businesses. While the Central Subway construction remains an issue for some merchants and neighborhood stakeholders who express concerns about the negative impact on local businesses, community members still share their desire to see a North Beach station carrying both visitors and residents to the neighborhoods’ center.



Joaquin Torres of the Mayor’s office has been assigned as the “point person” who will work with merchants, residents, and other community stakeholders to improve neighborhood conditions and bring additional resources to the North Beach corridor.

phone: (415) 554-7013


North Beach Demographics*

Area Covered: Columbus Avenue from Greenwich Street to Grant Avenue
Businesses Covered: 702
Jobs Covered: 5,118
Storefronts Covered: 241
Vacancy Rate: 6%
Sales Tax Captured: 19% (City 17%)
Age Population: 34% between 35-59 years-old
Renters: 82%
Single-Person Household: 40%
*Data represents the area within ¼ mile of the North Beach commercial district.



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