Preserving The Local Charm 

North Beach Neighbors exists for the following purposes:

  1. To encourage friendly association among residents of North Beach;
  2. To beautify and improve North Beach;
  3. To protect the basic character, building scale, and open space of North Beach;
  4. To preserve and perpetuate the historic traditions of North Beach in San Francisco history;
  5. To insure North Beach’s constructive participation in the development of our City;
  6. To inform North Beach residents and property owners of proposed changes to the neighborhood and other community issues which may arise;
  7. To represent residents and property owners when community problems arise; and
  8. To promote safety and security in North Beach.

   Major Activities:

  • To preserve the local charm, the small business character, and open space in North Beach;
  • To provide public testimony on zoning and construction/development issues;
  • To collaborate with the local police department to reduce crime;
  • To support Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) earthquake preparedness training, CPR training, and other programs;
  • To support historic preservation and Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center; and
  • To create friendship and good times: holiday party, Annual potluck, City-wide Neighborhood Night at the Symphony.