11-16-16 Meeting Minutes



North Beach Neighbors Community

Meeting Minutes

Pat’s Cafe, 2330 Taylor Street, San Francisco

November 14, 2016



Call to Order:  President Trish Herman called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.




Roll Call

Present;  Captain David Lazar, Trish Herman,  Ted Camensano, Pat Darden, Debi Marchi, Sri Anthram, Danny Sauter, Bruno Kanter, Pratap Penumalli.  Absent with Reason:  Sharone Mendes-Nassi, Chuck Thomas.




Minutes:  The September minutes are being approved electronically and will be posted on the website.


D3 Updates/Crime/Santa.con/Homeless/Tents           Captain Lazar


Captain Lazar had a previous engagement and needed to address the Board earlier than scheduled. Because he will be away from his car, he said that he needs to take his possessions with him or as he said “don’t leave anything.”


He talked about armed robbery and said that sometimes he does encounter that type of crime, but is making good arrests.  Every officer in his district is working hard, and the numbers are the highest than they ever been.


In the past, felons were chased, but it’s not worth putting the public at risk by pursuing. Instead, a more effective means is video/imaging. The primary violation, he noted, was a pedestrian in a crosswalk and a vehicle won’t stop. Whether right or wrong, he said that all should make eye contact.


He talked about tent violations and declared tht he is very diligent about tents.  He felt that he needs to work hard to help and address the homeless population because it is a public safety and health hazard.  New legislation will make it more challenging, specifically Proposition Q.  It will limit his ability to enforce the tent problem and will cause him to give 24-hour notice and a place where the homeless population can go.  However, he’s unsure what the legislation will look like going forward.


He then approached Santa Con.  Because there’s so many people intoxicated, a sobering tent/location as opposed to jail will be utilized. It was tried last year, but there was miscommunication and will make sure that everyone is on board. He will give implicit instructions.


North Beach Citizens  Pratap Penumalli

Pratap has lived in neighborhood with his wife for 8 years. In India, he worked on the homelessness issue and the issue was transferred to the North Beach community. There are presently 6,000-10,000 homeless individuals in San Francisco who have problems such as substance abuse and mental issues.


He invited the Board to visit North Beach Citizens on Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. to noon.  The building is fully funded and purchased by key donors.  He stated that former homelessness individuals now help people down on the luck.


They have an increase in their case load.  Presently, there are about 300+ homeless people that have evolved from homelessness to residents that hold jobs.


Street beautification program.  The next subject he broached upon was the street beautification program.  He feels that homeless can get involved in the neighborhood and can actually have interaction. Slowly a support network is built.


There are a couple of big events in the neighborhood, including a Community Recognition dinner that honored Janet Crane.  There is also a Spring dinner, which originated with Francis Ford Coppola.


Four measures that were just voted upon have meaning.  They are Measures J, K, Q, and S.


There are different ways to get involved, including:



Meeting the individuals

Farmer’s Market          Danny Sauter

Danny stated that there was an important call on Thursday.  It has now come to a point where responsibilities are known between our Team and the Agricultural Institute of Marin and we need to deliver on those responsibilities.  Likewise, we need to know their commitment.  The back-up market is TSSA’s Farmer’s Market.


Port Update    Bruno Kanter

There was a meeting last week regarding the Pier 29 Bulkhead.   Some want to take the bulkhead and make it into a commercial project with about 20,000 feet of bulkhead in the front.  However, there are some groups opposing the project and want to see the pier more recreational use. Their concern is that if a long-term lease of 15 years is established, that’s will also establish the pattern of development.  The next step is final approval from the Port.


Halloween Update      Trish Herman

Was an enjoyable experience; a number of children attended.  The Board learned a number of lessons, including signage for the tent.


Buon Natale Update

The lights are assembled, but there is no power due to the fact that individuals broke the cover.  Park and Rec will fix the casing.


The schedule of events include,

Elfie on 12/11 and Goorin Bros. will be the starting place.

Buon Natale is on 12/13, and there are three possibilities for a reception.

Craft Day and a Scavenger Hunt.

Park and Rec is embracing the event and supporting it.


There will be no meeting scheduled for December and instead, an invitation to Buon Natale will be sent out.


Treasurer’s Report:  Basic Business Checking:  $4,613, Classic Business Savings:  $11,215.16.
The meeting ended at 7:53 p.m. The next meeting will be January 9, 2017.





Debra Marchi